5 Abstract Art Ideas for Your Home



When it comes to decorating your home there are a number of different styles that are an option.  You could go with Renaissance, Classical or Victorian, but most people will decorate their home to match the trends of the year they are in.  Right now, Abstract art is a very common choice for home décor. Visit your local art galleries, they are a ton of options to choose from. 

Abstract Art

Abstract art is an art form that does not depict visual reality.  It takes reality and shows it in a way that skews it. Some very popular abstract artists include Vasily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, Kazimir Malevich, Jackson Pollock and Joan Mitchell.

Abstract art was once a questionable art form, but now it can be seen everywhere.  People have gone from looking at this type of art like and seeming confused, to looking at it like “oh, I understand.”  Some people don’t even realize it when they have abstract artwork in their house anymore.

Decorating with Abstract Art

Abstract artists have created some very well-known pieces.  Have you ever seen a piece of art and thought to yourself that you’d like to have something like that in your home?  Sometimes certain pieces of art are objects of art lovers’ affections and they must have them. Fortunately, abstract art is some of the easiest art to obtain.

One of the best forms of art is abstract and the reason is, you can make it yourself.  Abstract art is art how you see it, art in your mind. A bowl of fruit with square pieces is abstract art.  wax dripping down a canvas is abstract. A lot of different types of art fall under the abstract category. What types of art should you have in your house if you are going for that abstract look?

1.       Decorating with Abstract Themes

There are a few things that should be remembered when decorating with abstract art or using abstract ideas.  A focal point can be a big thing to think about.  Creating a colorful focal point is a very big aspect when decorating your house to look abstract so that your eye focuses on one point and moves around the room in a certain direction.

Using complementary colors, or black and white, is also a very popular thing to do when decorating your house with abstract art.  The bold look of white and black can be difficult to pull off, but if done correctly, it works well. Complimentary colors should not be too dark or bright.  Too dark can make a room look smaller than it really is and too bright can be hard to look at.

Some other little tips to remember are thinking in twos, meaning things should be placed in pairs, and contrasting modern with traditional looks.  Color blocking can also be effective when creating an abstract look for your home.

2. Abstract Paintings

If you are looking for abstract art that is popular or famous, try finding art by actual artists.  If you’re going for a black and white look, try a Jackson Pollock painting.  Picasso is another artist that you can look at if you’re going with a black and white look.  If you’re in need of a colorful focal point you could always pick up a Georgia O’Keeffe.

3. Abstract Sculptures

People think of abstract sculptures as more of an outside thing, and they kind of are, except, you can get smaller replicas of the sculptures that you see outside.  Artists like Duchamp-Villion and Boccioni have made wonderful sculptures that are the epitome of abstract art. Little sculptures can make nice table accents and knick-knacks.

Abstract sculptures can help to fill blank space in a room.  They can also help to add to the color of a room. Black and white abstract themes can also really benefit from sculptures.  A sculpture that is cleverly placed can be a very nice focal point for a black and white room.

4. Abstract Furniture

Abstract furniture can seem a little bit weird and non-functional, but, in reality, it can be very comfortable.  Abstract furniture tends to be very angular. Even the chair and couches have an angular look about them.

Despite being very angular, abstract furniture does not feel angular when sitting on it, and the look of it can pull a room together when placed properly.  Abstract furniture is also either very boldly colored, or flat black and white. Abstract furniture also tends to be made a little smaller, instead of the classic bulky furniture look.  This helps abstract furniture be a little easier to move around and fit places.

5. Create Your Own

The best part about abstract art is that you do not have to spend thousands of dollars to get an abstract look.  Abstract works of art can be created by you in your own home.  There are plenty of ideas that can be found on the internet to make your own abstract art at home.

Decorating your home with your own art can not only be fun but can also be fulfilling.  Think about when your friends enter your black and white themed apartment and see all this gorgeous art on the walls and begin talking about it.  Wouldn’t it make you feel good to be able to say that you painted that? 

Abstract art can be the very center of conversations.  People like to try to determine what the piece might mean.  If it is your artwork you would be able to tell them exactly what you were thinking with the piece.

Get Decorating

With all you have learned about abstract art and how to decorate with it, now is the time to put your knowledge to practical use.  Choose your theme, your furniture, and your art, or start making your own. Remember, it is abstract. If you want to hang a yarn ball off your wall and pierce it with a bunch of crochet hooks, then do it.  If you want to hang a painting you made that looks like a string of black and white paint, then do it. It is your home, you should decorate it how you see fit.