5 Benefits Of Using Artwork In Marketing Material


Despite the abundance of free online images and graphics to do with what you want, consumers are moving away from commercially driven products and services and seek a more personal, valuable approach to marketing and advertising. What was once mass produced without much personality is now somewhat of an enemy in a world full of art richness – creating a golden opportunity for artists and advertisers to meet.


As a marketing or advertising professional perhaps considering using artwork in marketing, it’s useful to keep the following benefits in mind:


1.       Affordability.

With an over-abundance of artists willing and ready to work and not enough job opportunities to carry them all, most unestablished artists are willing to work at a much cheaper rate compared to artists who may already have made a name for themselves. Alternatively, you may even find artists willing to offer their artwork for marketing purposes I the hopes of receiving exposure as payment.


2.       Personalisation.

You simply can’t get any more personal than with artwork specifically designed for your specific brand or marketing campaign. As a marketer, personalization is key to being remembered by consumers or potential clients – whether you choose commercial banner displays or custom business cards in order to reach your desired audience. At the end of the day, it’s all about your meeting your target audience on their level by using artwork in marketing campaigns.


3.       Uniqueness.

You can’t expect to stand out if you’re like everyone else; using the same marketing tactics in order to achieve different results. As a marketer, you have to be able to stand out and achieve your marketing goals without fading into the background. Consumers seek a unique and personalized approach to fulfilling their specific needs – captivating their interests and grabbing their attention through clever, unique marketing strategies. Thus, one of the best ways of standing out and being remembered is by using artwork in marketing campaigns.


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4.       Psychologically persuasive.

Consumers ‘feel’ artwork. They see it and are moved by it, which makes it a fantastic marketing strategy from a psychological standpoint. Since art works by emotional association, art in marketing makes sense. The more consumers are able to ‘feel’ what you’re trying to convey in your artwork, the more likely they are to buy into your idea. Emotionally satisfying from a consumer’s point of view and economically beneficial for marketers.


5.       Increased brand awareness.

One of the main reasons for creating marketing campaigns is to create brand awareness, right? Thus, instead of doing what every other marketer chooses to do, you have to try something different in order to create the type of brand awareness you’re seeking. Remember, what you put in is what you’ll receive at the end of the day. Incorporate artwork in marketing and you’ll be able to reach a whole new level of brand awareness that consumers desperately seek.


Depending on the type of market you’re interested in reaching, so will your artwork in marketing have to be closely connected to your brand identity in order to be remembered. However, with consumers moving away from commercially designed marketing strategies and hooking onto ideas that inspire, encourage, and motivate, you’re bound to create a lasting impression by becoming more ‘real’ as a marketer.

Author bio

Jim Morris is the founder of Classic Colour Copying, a boutique printing shop based in the vibrant city of Melbourne, Australia. When he isn’t busy printing, you can find him enjoying life in the markets or the local beaches. You can connect with him on his website.