7 essential art career tips for an emerging artist


It is difficult being a successful artist. However, numerous people do prevail with regards to supporting themselves through a blend of diligent work, determination, and utilizing their creativity. They find different ways to keep earning money from sources other than the original masterpieces which are hard to keep producing over and over again. The web has widened the scope of art and made it feasible for artists to pitch directly to people all across the world.


Here are some tips to help you avoid the pitfalls amateur artists often tend to fall in, and set you on a path to success.


Develop your own style

You should be unique and particular and never under any circumstance be a ‘me too’ artist. The individuals who get the greatest consideration are the individuals who are innovative in their approach for putting forward a message with their craft.  Who just advance the artist they are duplicating. Do what you cherish and show the world why you’re better than everyone else. You can start off with inspiration from other established artists, but soon enough you have to discover what impacts you the most. This requires some serious energy. You have to discover your motivation and vision – it’s so critical to your prosperity. Difficulties and disappointments will naturally uncover what you have to do. It is equivalent to a river – you have to lay back and give the stream a chance to take you where you have to go. Try not to fight the current.


Forge personal connections

You must be an extrovert because customer connections are extremely important. If you are extremely skilled but scared of meetings and promoting yourself, you will fizzle out quickly. If you still struggle to sell your art, a gallery is the best option. However, this process may easily take up half of your day, the time you could spend creating and perfecting your craft. Essentially you need to figure out how to interact with individuals and truly tune in to your potential customers and use compassion to build a deeper connection.


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Build a strong portfolio

You need to show that you can create multiple works of art instead of relying on your past. Produce enough for a display. No one is going to pay attention to you based on a couple of works of art except if they are totally exceptional. What’s most imperative is the capacity to reproduce early achievement and exhibit consistency and the capacity to continue onward. That is the thing that begins to make you look like a worthy name of promoting to a larger audience.


Photo by Eddy Klaus on Unsplash


Promote a sense of discipline and regularity

The individuals who make a promise to their craft and being a legitimate artist, turn up for quite a while and continue ahead with the activity of creating, promoting and selling art. The more you practice your speciality and craftsmanship the simpler it is to carve a path towards greatness. You have to bolster your inventiveness and there’s no preferred method to do that more than to see art created by other individuals. Ensure you undertake a process of steady self-improvement – attempt new, more unorthodox forms of art, adopt new skills and so on.


Perseverance is key

When you are getting down to business for yourself, you need to continue attempting new things until you work out what works for you. En route to success, you will get a lot of lessons in what doesn’t work and you’ll see that disappointment and dismissal happen a considerable amount. That may mean you’re not good enough yet, but artists who make it are commonly the individuals who are relentless and who continue onward – in light of the fact that they are not disheartened by the knockbacks.


Photo by Alicia Steels on Unsplash


Develop a stable pricing strategy

Numerous artists get overly excited and complacent with some progress and increase prices of their subsequent pieces significantly. This isn’t right. You should be sensible. You need to research the prices your rivals are selling for, look at other professionals and set a sensible target.

You should also make it a point to sell similar works for similar prices, and not less. You should basically treat it like normal commodity whose prices are determined by the market forces of demand and supply. When supply is lower than demand, prices increase. If you feel you are getting stuck in a rut, revise your plan for growth by seeking out advice from other entrepreneurs and visionaries on how to overcome it. Sometimes if you’re struggling, you should also remember that it is much better to sell five models of your work at $2000 each, than to offer one at $5000.


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Photo by Ruben Ramirez on Unsplash


What isn’t seen will not be sold

The perfectly good pieces of art rotting away in your studio will never sell on its own. Consider unique and different approaches to get your specialty seen. You must display all your work both online and offline starting with your own website, your blog and social media pages, and going on to art fairs, exhibitions, and galleries. No advancement is made when you simply put in your time and effort to make beautiful art and then put it away. You have to identify and handle any absence of abilities that prevent you from making money with your talent and craft, and eliminate them so there are no barriers for you to become a truly successful artist.


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