Anton Strandgren


Anton Strandgren is a Swedish acrylic artist based in Uppsala, Sweden. His art deals with his own suppressed feelings, such as anxiety, shame, guilt, regret, sadness and so forth. When it comes to choice of color, he is currently drawn to black and white, because of his fascination with contrast.

He is 25 years old and have since teens struggled with different parts of his life,  resulting in a destructive lifestyle, from which he draws inspiration for his paintings. Most of his work are from his own memories.

He is currently working on a series called “Devoured and Decayed”, a series about the forces of denial and the cure for it, honesty. You could also call it a series of different self-portraits from different stages of his life. The paintings in the series often have an ongoing process of either physical or mental breakdown in them. The series will be exhibited in Uppsala Sweden this spring.