APP’s all art lover need to have


Looking into transforming you smartphone into an art database? Rising technologies developments have allowed to repurpose your phone into a faithful companion during your excursions in the art world. Quickly identifying artworks, artists, discovering the best art events and easy access to huge amount of information instantly. We prepared a list of apps that might just became your new best friend in the art world.


MAGNUS – Who is the artist?

Magnus is an application that visually recognizes works of art, discovering the author, title, and date of the art that you photographed. The main archive of the APP is crowdsourced, meaning that artists and collectors can photograph their own artworks in order to add art to the MAGNUS database. It also gives information regarding pricing and witch gallery sells the artwork.

The app was founded by Magnus Resch, an art market expert, serial entrepreneur and bestselling book author, so there is expertise behind the app.


ARTS & CULTURE – Alexandria’s Library

Gathering the information of over 1000 museums spread over 70 countries, this applications allows you to dive into the history of art, covering all its areas. A library of over 57 thousand articles is more than enough to satisfy your thirst of knowledge, these can be sorted by artistic movement, alphabetical or chronological order and also comes with a very powerful related article tool, that will ensure you to discover new artists on a regular basis.

ARTIPS – Daily dose of Art


Artips aims to make art history more accessible, born as a newsletter gathering some of the best anecdotes of art history up to three times a week, while the app offers a listing with the 10 most popular anecdotes. This is a playful source of knowledge on some of your favorite artists.


Art Rabbit

Initially a website showcasing some of the most important exhibitions worldwide, a expansion onto a app allows to have access to this high quality always at the tips of your fingers. Some of the covered cities include Berlin, London, Paris and New York, allowing you to have a very generous overview of what’s going on on some of the most important art capitals.

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