Candela Pan & Lena Ader in 48 hours Neukölln


Here it comes! One of the most charismatic and social art festivals in Berlin: “48 Stunden Neukölln”.
A whole neighborhood dedicated to exhibitions, concerts, performances, theater…

This year, the theme is: SHADOW and here is the explanation of two young artists who take us on
a journey to the most hidden places of the human mind: The exhibition of Candela Pan and Lena Ader deals with the unlighted inner worlds of the human being.

Painting, drawing and sculpture make inner shadows and the mysterious depth of the human mind
visible and shed light on the abyssal condition of the body itself.

Unconscious and inner conditions are visualized in this work and provide the viewer with a possibility to look into their own interior.
Candela Pan, a Spanish artist born in Madrid, lives and works in Berlin.  Lena Ader, a German painter born in Heidelberg, lives and also works in Berlin. They have different styles but they are linked by the depth of the subjects they deal with, the technical delicacy and the great calm of the figures they represent, which at the same time are quite unsettling.
Candela Pan talks about the mental shadows this way: “Carl Jung (Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst) perceived the unconscious as the mental area in which the creativity is at its maximum power. The figure of shadow personifies all what the
person doesn’t recognize about himself.
According to Edmund Burke (Irish philosopher, writer and politician of the 18th century) darkness produces more sublime ideas than light. For me, the creative process makes me aware of some unconscious ideas and impulses, which for me means, it illuminates our inner shadows”.


Dates: Friday 23 (19 – 22h), Saturday 24 (14 – 22h) and Sunday 25 (14 – 19h) of June 2017
– Place: Kunstwerkstatt Sommer. Richard Straße 37, 12043 Berlin