Melisa Calabria

Nature and femininity drive the development of the work of Melisa Clabria. She seeks to reinterpret the natural phenomena living together with human emotions and the womans figure, who plays an important role in relation to the origin -the mother earth, the Pachamama-. The excuse for the use of these elements is to demonstrate the …

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Anais Lera

Anais is a freelance artist and illustrator living and working in Brussels, Belgium.  Inspired by textures, shapes, colors and materials of nature she captures, traces, stylizes and develops an unique vocabulary of plants, animals and mineral. She creates intricate luxuriant colorful compositions, formed from the accumulation of meticulously detailed individual elements. Each piece is an …

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Sébastien Notre

Sébastien Notre is a french artist based in Milan, after short womenswear studies at Central St Martins, he realized that painting was the only thing that deeply interest him. His work is based on themes such as sex, loneliness, animals, interiors, 70 s .. He paints on different supports such as canvas, leather , wood …

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