coGalleries: Annique Delphine ‘ Reclaim the Feminine ‘

coGalleries is pleased to announce ‘Reclaim the Feminine’ the first solo-exhibition dedicated to Berlin-based artist Annique Delphine, curated by Emma McKee. The exhibition will open on February 9, 2017 and run until February 28, 2017, with the presence of the artist.
‘Reclaim the Feminine’ will feature photographs from her series ‘Objectify Me’ and a mixed media installation piece articulated around the deconstruction of social norms regarding desire and objectification. coGalleries will be showing her most recent film ‘Objectify Me’ a short film.
Through various mediums of expression, Delphine explores how material properties of images and objects *reclaim the feminine* through their arrangement.

Annique Delphine, Untitled, 2016

In this exhibition, Delphine presents artworks containing breasts made of various materials and taking many forms: rubber breasts dripping in ice cream, arranged in bags, or cages. Large Breasts replacing the artist’s head in self-portraits – inspired from a world where femininity always finds a way into our reality. The photographs are a combination of beauty and disgust, a
coercive portrayal of objectification itself.
The artist produces works whose aesthetic reflect an irreducible gap between being and appearing. Each image is mind-bending, every object conscious. And yet, the objects were once moving, the material is heavy with feeling and intention. German artist Annique Delphine presents the socio-political in a playful tone.

Annique Delphine, Untitled, 2016

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