“Crazy Taxi” for Your PC


“Crazy Taxi” is a remake of the once very popular racing simulator. Very popular and frantic – the atmosphere of drive and fun meets us on every meter under the wheels of our cars. And after all, the principle itself is simple – we are given a taxi driver, a car belonging to him and sent to ride around the city, pick up passengers who want to get home and take them to their destination. It would seem that everything is so simple… But the performance, the performance, it’s just beyond praise! It’s not just a taxi, it’s a crazy taxi, and riding will be crazy too. Do you want to feel like a real experienced driver? RomsMania will help you with this.

So, are you already waiting for a really fast and furious journey? Then fasten your seat belts and select the driver, who is entrusted with the driving of a non-permanent vehicle such as a taxi. Four drivers – four cars – four kinds of one hundred percent pleasure. Choose yourself, which mode you prefer – to take passengers with the replenishment of time for excellent driving, or limited in time and non-replenishing imports. Just hurry up – the faster you bring the passenger to the desired point, the more tips and respect from his side you will get. True, he has his own time interval, after which the patience of the passenger bursts and he jumps out of the car at full speed. At a speed of 150 km/h. It’s just wow!


In addition to moonlighting as a standard taxi driver (although you cannot call it a standard one – a common taxi driver is not able to make such freaks on the road), we can perform special tasks in the “Crazy Box” mode. This is a peculiar test of the engine of our taxi and the reaction of our fingers. We are given a non-standard playground and non-standard missions. For example, using a huge springboard, break the record for the range of the jump of the car with the help of the ability “Mad dash.” Or, when performing the function of a bowling ball, knock down all the skittles with the size of a person passing along the path from it. The degree of insanity is off the scale! But after completing a collection of missions, rewards are given – displaying a speedometer or an arrow with a passenger address marker on the screen, which simplifies the gameplay.

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The most charming thing about Crazy Taxi is that there are no aggravating elements in it. There is no plot to watch. There are no registered characters and dialogue enshrined with them. “Crazy Taxi” is just easy and pleasant to play. You sit behind the helm of your taxi, famously driving around the streets of the city without any injuries and harassment from the law and stop next to the next passenger, waiting for him to jump into the wheelbarrow. And most importantly – you get from this a real, sincere, genuine pleasure, you have a great time, without thinking about how you spend it. You just completely, from head to toe, plunge into the atmosphere of “Crazy Taxi”. Honestly, not many games left such impressions after playing them.


“Crazy Taxi” is just an excellent game for those who like a taxi, for those who like speed and drive, for those who like lightness and ease. This is almost an ideal time-killer for everyone. Where else do you find the opportunity to skate over a cabriolet five times and stay whole and also a cheerful driver? And the passengers… Each of them is colorful. If they did not like the taxi – then they will show a fist, and even kick the wheel. If the trip was quick and pleasant – the passenger will thank the driver and even shake his hand. And the world of “Crazy Taxi” also does not stand still – there are ordinary people walking along the sidewalk, trains running along roads, cars running along roads, against which stands brightly a taxi. And all this makes “Crazy Taxi” a truly lively and dynamic game.