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Curated By GIRLS Curated By GIRLS is a platform that promotes visual Art, focusing on Diversity, Equality and Freedom. The website was conceived to challenge mainstream stereotypes around gender, beauty standards and the concept of normality. Laetitia Duveau takes it upon herself to give space to diversity and to give an open-minded vision of the world through Art.




Last month was Curated By Girls 1st IRL show, “Freer In Berlin” showcasing 26 artists from around the world, during a whole weekend in Neukölln, at Blender & Co. This first edition was focusing on the theme “new feminity” and the intent was to normalise what should be in fact normal and try to show there is not just one typical feminity. The show was a success, with an amazingly positive response from the press and the audience.

Between 1K and 1,5K people showed up during the 2 days exhibition, curious enough to discover the patchwork of softness, love and feminity through the story told by the 26 Artists. Curated By Girls is organizing its second event, focusing on one Artist only: Berlin-based talent Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert. This new exhibition is called “POSTERBOYS”.

About the Artist

Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, 25, is a photographer born in Prien am Chiemsee (Bavaria/Germany), now based in Berlin. After graduating from Rudolf Steiner School in Schwäbisch Hall he did various internships working in the set design department of movie productions and theaters as well as an assistant director. Simultaneously his devotion to art and photography grew rapidly and he began producing more and more artistic works. Since 2012 he attends the Ostkreuz Fotografieschule in Berlin. Joseph is making waves in the Berlin art scene. At his young age he has already released his 1st book “Gender As A Spectrum”, an impressive 300-page collection of portraits of 80 gender-defying individuals. Joseph only shoots analogue and has a preference for vertical photos. For “POSTERBOYS” Joseph will expose an exclusive unreleased series of Men. “These are portraits of young men, who i think are beautiful, some i met through Facebook, Instagram, some are good friends. Through photography, I get to know so many interesting personalities and also hot guys. I love it. There are so many people out there I would love to have in my life, but I can’t, so with the photos I’m taking of them I’m creating a connection we will have forever. I sometimes feel like if I don’t take a picture of whoever I’m meeting, it doesn’t actually feel like we have met.” (J.W.O)