Edyta Grzyb


Edyta Grzyb (born 1984)living in Poland.

The preferred motif of her work is people; Strictly speaking, she is interested in their emotions, expressing them through contrasting colors, and occasionally blurring the lines between reality and fiction. She is of the opinion that painting lives through vivid colours, stimulating aesthetic feelings and emotions in the observer. Through the combination of cool tones and intensive neon colours, she transports her audience into a world of

Used technique: Acryl on canvas in Pop Art-Style.

Edyta is a self – taught artist and began with painting in 2004. She specializes since 2013 in acrylic painting.

She is already working with some galleries in Germany. Her works have been shown several times on local and regional exhibitions. More than 100 of her works are in private collections in Poland and abroad.