Eli Marc Mueller


Eli Marc Mueller is an abstract, expressive as well as modern artist whose work focuses on painting/illustration and mixed media.

In his work he takes a critical view of social, cultural and political as well as equality and diversity issues. His artwork plays with contradictions to disturb the viewer and make them reflect, not only on our society but themselves. He wants people to understand his viewpoints and broaden their horizon on the issues that he‘s talking about.

The projects he works on usually consists a series of works which include different mixed media. Working with photography, illustration, graphic design as well as painting allows him a broad range to work with. Coincidence also has its part in his work. Often times he‘s just expressing whats upsetting him.

An Inspiration to him is (neo) expressionism, abstract and modern art as well as the Bauhaus.

Growing up in a group of four women taught him lots about gender equality and sexism. In a society full of oppression, he had always felt connected to minorities. So by creating some of his art he tries to raise awareness to issues affecting minorities.