Berlin Gallery Weekend ultimate to do list


One of the hottest events in the cultural hub of Berlin is already around the corner and what else could this be than the Gallery Weekend Berlin. This upcoming weekend, from the 28th until the 30th, 47 participating galleries, museums and other cultural venues will be open with special exhibitions, events and artist debuts, showcasing the latest and most fresh stuff by contemporary artists. Whatever your tastes are one thing is for sure: you are definitely going to enjoy the surprises that the Berlin art scene has to offer.


Zanele Muholi
Somnyama Ngonyama

 WNTRP Gallery – Opening: 28 April 2017, 6–9 pm
Exhibition: 29 April – 24 June 2017

Some galleries offer will showcase artists who have been displayed before while others will take a step forward and showcase artworks for the first time in Berlin or even Europe, like in the case of
WNTRP Gallery. A wide variety of both Berlin-based and international artists will make this weekend an amazing chance for all art lovers to catch up with the latest trends in conceptual art, installations, painting, sculpture and multimedia art. All galleries will open their doors to ambitious professionals and the wider audience on Friday the 28th of April with a lot of spicy openings, talks and above all with a  lot of promising works by prominent artists.

The weekend will definitely not leave its thirsty audience unsatisfied since it seems like there is going to be an ample variety and diversity of concepts, styles and techniques or absence of those. One look at the past exhibitions and archives of the galleries is enough to persuade you that indeed we are dealing with strong curatorial choices, freedom of expression, innovative styles and voices by new and established artists from Berlin and outdoors.

Also worth a visit is Art von Frei‘s newest exhibition “Into the deep end” where you will be able to see 5 artists’ unique visions on watercolour curated by private collector Peter Ungeheuer. The gallery will be having daily open breakfasts, an ideal first dynamic stop during Gallery Weekend.

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If you are into conceptual art then don’t miss out the work by conceptual artist Olaf Nicolai represented by Gallery Eigen + Art, who has submitted work in various Biennales around the world and is also participating with a performance in Documenta 2017 of Athens. Maybe you would also like to drop by Galerie Barbara Thumm where an installation by Teresa Burga will be on display.



Blain|Southern 29 April 2017 – 29 July 2017

Vernissage: Friday 28 April 2017, 6-9pm


Blain|Southern will be welcoming works from Jonas Burgert which are expected to (once again) highlight the expressionistic style of the artist. Landscape imagery accompanied by portrait painting will be composing an impressive result.

Mehdi Chouakri will be offering works by Charlotte Posenenske, the well-known German minimalist painter, while the yet unfathomable work by Eva Kot’átková at Meyer Rigger Gallery is expected to positively surprise us.


Eva Kot’átková
The Diary of a Stomach
Meyer Rigger Gallery 28.04.2017 – 24.06.2017

In gallery Guido W. Baudach we will be presented with the retrospective work of established German experimental photographic artist Jürgen Klauke. For those who would like to take it more smoothly, a nice idea would be to drop by Galerie Max Hetzler and check out some attention worthy works by Toby Ziegler and Günther Förg.

For video lovers, I could not suggest anything more than visiting KOW Berlin which features a 7-channel video installation called ‘Love Story’ by South African artist Candice Breitz and will be presenting real stories by unexpected . . .narrators. Featuring stars like Alec Baldwin and Julianne Moore, Breitz retells stories of the violent actuality, of escape and pain with a totally different approach. Another not-to-be-missed work is Dara Friedman’s ‘Dichter’ at Supportico Lopez. In her video installation, Friedman presents various eccentric protagonist figures who narrate poems through special sound filters, thus making their whole body speak.

A different thematology and experience is expected to be offered by WNTRP Gallery showcasing for the first time in Germany South African activist-artist Zanele Muholi. Muholi sees her work as a way to create political and social change while her work on LGBT South African community gave her the worldwide artistic prominence she boasts today. Meanwhile, on its ‘sister’ headquarters, WENTRUP Gallery will be offering a comment on modern architecture through works by massive installation artist Olaf Metzel.

Meanwhile don’t miss out to check the other locations of the Gallery Weekend Berlin including the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, the complete series of edited works by Sigmar Polke at Me Collector’s Room, the Berlinische Galerie, the slightly remote Museum Barberini in Potsdam with Impressionist works or the talk with Hans Ulrich Obrist at Eigen+Art.

What is for sure is that no matter which galleries you choose to visit, Gallery Weekend Berlin will definitely have something for you, even if you have the most particular taste. More information on: