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The art world can be very intimidating, so we offer a series of services to help you better navigate. If you are a beginner in the art world, we will take you by the hand and uncover all its secrets. If you are an art pro, let’s step up your game, grow your collection and find some museums for your art!

Azucar offers the very best selection of Latin art. We also offer the possibility of renting any of our artworks for a certain period of time.


For Individuals

Renting art  provides a easy way to generate a intimate relation with the artwork and enhance the atmosphere of any room. The low monthly costs and expert advice will make easy to find the right artwork for your home. Additionally renting art allows to have a non compromise relationship with the artwork, even the possibility of changing the artwork every couple of months.

For Businesses

It is a very interesting option for businesses and offices to professionalize their workspace. Good art allows corporate clients to enhance their office with breathtaking pieces of art, witch will surely cause a good impression on potential clients and business partners. Additionally, renting art can be treated as a operating expense and be reduced from taxes.

All the payments regarding the rental can be discounted from an eventual purchase of the piece.

Rentals are for a minimum of 3 months and have a monthly cost of 15% of the value of the artwork.

We know that the art world can be sometimes intimidating, feeling like a members only club.
But with our help, you will feel at home. We want to solve all the mysteries and clear all your doubts.


Art is fun, and collecting art should be a pleasant experience.

Collection consulting


Want to start your own art collection but not quite sure where to start of? We count with a group of art experts that could help you start collecting and from there assist you into choosing pieces that would combine and complement the general curatorial characteristics of your collection.

Guided tours

Get to see art with the experts.

To help you give your first steps into the artworld we organize guided tours in different scenarios.

Studio visits

Visit the studios of some of the most interesting artists, know their workspace, work method and works in process. Talk to them and get a really personal story behind the artwork you intend to purchase.

Art fairs

These massive events can be easily overwhelming. Some of the most important fairs exhibit over a hundred galleries and thousands of artists. How to differentiate what is good between what’s good and what’s noise?


Traditionally the home of some of the greatest art pieces ever made by mankind, some museum visits can be almost spiritual experience. Even better if you bring along an expert to let you know the story behind some of these masterpieces.

Art and business can relate together very well. We can really perform a wide range of possibilities to give your business a cultural side.

Art Sponsorship

There are many ways your business can be perceived as a cultural friendly company. The options go from sponsoring a young artist to organizing an art prize. This will change the way your costumers view your company and will provide valid support to the art world.

Art for corporate events


With our help your corporate events will never be the same. Host special dinners for your customer base and decorate the venue with some world class art. Request an tailor made event for your company to impress possible investors. The opportunities are never ending.

Commissioned work


Choose an artist and have him do work that fits your business’ unique needs. This is a perfect opportunity to decorate your new corporate headquarters or bring some life into your newly constructed apartment complex. Unique work for unique needs.

Having art at home allows you to admire it on a daily basis, an experience that really transforms any house into a home. Home is where your art is.

Commissioned work


Choose an artist and have him do work that fits your houses unique needs. This is a perfect opportunity to have a unique artwork that fits a specific room and give your house’s decoration a level up. Unique work for unique needs.

Curated decoration

Contact one of our specialist to create a collection of works that match your house decor style. The amount of pieces, their sizes and technique will be chosen to generate a perfect fit for your house.

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