Graphicalism is the name which Lucas Faria signs all his creative outputs. Graphic Designer graduated in the UK, Lucas also signs his collage artworks and music productions under the same name. Graphicalism’s collages are an output of aesthetic unbalance, evoking sometimes solitude in lifeless environments, and in others colourful bucolic setups.

Non-conformist, with a free-flow approach to his creativity, Lucas describes his output as a “digital collage.” Nothing is planned from the start, just a bundle of ideas and dozens of various components. In its final stages, each product is compiled together on a computer; vector elements, online or scanned pictures, textures, hand drawn lines and typography.

Colourful and dream-like environments are ever present in his works, and it is clear he has a passion for the aged, the psyche or the weird. Even the more bouyant images – which have classic painting’s figures, cosy landscapes and beautiful, intricate patterns – find themselves polarised with an ever desaturated, yellowish backdrop, with a tingle of uneasiness.

Subversive, but sentimental. Lucas does not want to provoke his audience, but to agitate them into introspection. In this regard, perhaps the most considered tendency is the alteration of his subject’s faces; a crude, almost childlike vandalism of scribbles and scrawls.