Internship Experience Art Von Frei Gallery, Berlin

The Gallery art world is portrayed to be a glamorous one; typically envisioned with a beautiful woman or man who will attend to you, while also charming you to buy works of art of what could be the “future Picasso” for thousands of euros. At least that’s what many of us think; although after being a gallery intern – that idealised image can quickly change.
During my stay in Berlin, I firstly found that the art market wasn’t as high as I thought it would be, which means that

the demand for art was very little. Berlin having such an artistic and historic background would be a safe place to open a gallery-thus being sure that one could sell art at a consistent momentum-or so I thought. However, after living in the Berlinesque art scene, my view and opinion has quickly changed. What I’ve realised (which could safely be a generalisation), is that successful galleries like Art Von Frei, are there to educate and to make art accessible to a younger generation-even containing some of Germany’s most renowned artists from our time.


My experience wasn’t a typical internship from what I had heard or seen. I wasn’t treated like a coffee maker or a cleaning
lady (which to some may sound dramatic, but sadly those are the tasks that are usually given to a young student wanting
to create an impressive CV). Instead, at Art Von Frei I was treated like a worker, and there wouldn’t be a slight difference in
what I would have to do and what the galerist, Eva Jordan would do. Jordan wanted to make this clear to me, by often
serving me coffee. I was given various tasks to complete; making a catalogue of the art works, hanging art, being
interactive with the visitors, and organizing events.
Being an intern in an art scene in Berlin has exceeded my expectations. I was constantly surrounded with eccentric, peculiar yet beautiful minds that had an imaginative and unique vision.