Interview with Stephanie Manasseh


Azucar got the oportunity to collaborate with the Accessible Art Fair as a media partner, a unique opportunity granting access to the inner workings of an art fair and direct access to its organizers. As a kicker to this collaboration we interviewed Stephanie Manasseh, canadian curator and both founder and director of the fair.

What took you to start an art fair?

12 years ago, I arrived in Belgium. I had always been interested in art and often visited art galleries and went to openings. I met a lot of artists without gallery representation and one evening I was invited to an artist group show. I had the pleasure of meeting over 25 artists and realised that I could probably do what they are doing, to art fair standards. i did a bit of research and realised there were no other art fairs for artists without galleries. The Accessible Art Fair was born.


Fairs usually focus on galleries, why focus a fair on artists?

I wanted to give artists a voice, and in the big international art fairs one rarely gets the chance to meet the artist directly. I think that in terms of experience, it’s often heightened when you meet the person behind the work.



Gallery representation usually serve as a quality standard for artists, both career and financially wise, what are the considerations to have when buying art directly from the artists?

We ensure quality of the works by working with a high end group of art professionals. They help us with the vetting of the work to ensure the quality of the artworks. It is important for the buyer to understand where the artist is coming from, education and track record.


What recommendations would you give a first time buyer?

Buy what you love.

What artists are you specially excited to exhibit this year?

Sauro Manetti, Katie Levinson, Jason McGroaty.


The fair has been running since 2006, what’s new this year?

The venue for us is the most exciting piece of news. Holding it at the Bozar is an honour and privilege and we hope that our artists and visitors will enjoy the juxtaposition of contemporary art in an institution designed by the famous Victor Horta.

We are also working with Belgian Tennis Star, Justine Hennin and her foundation Justine for Kids. Proceeds from our opening night will go to this worthy cause.


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Accesible Art Fair

OCTOBER 5-8 2017