Killer Abstract Women @Karl Oskar Gallery


Killer Abstract Women
Opening: Wednesday, June 5, 6-10pm
Exhibition continues by appointment, June, 6-26

Claudia Chaseling | Heike Gallmeier | Katharina Grosse | Silke Kästner | Gisela Kleinlein | Nina Rodin | Sabine Tress | Deborah Wargon

Killer Abstract Women is a celebration of contemporary women artists working primarily in abstraction. Operating in a range of media including painting, sculpture, mixed media and photography, their work reveals an obsession with colour, shape and rhythm, and a dedication to experimentation and conceptual innovation.
The adjectives traditionally reserved for the veneration of male artists – aggressive, brash, physical, or calculated, meticulous and scientifically rational – are certainly not amiss in this exhibition. Featured works by Silke Kästner, Claudia Chaseling, Sabine Tress and Katharina Grosse display a clear physicality that is vigorous and dynamic – gestural mark-making bordering on the violent. Bending and warping the visual plane as we know it, Heike Gallmeier’s work is reminiscent of stage sets constructed for an unfolding drama, pieced together with layers of abstracted forms. Artists Deborah Wargon, Gisela Kleinlein and Nina Rodin display work that relates to close observation, obsessive archiving and the manipulation of organic materials associated with experimental science. Passion or premeditation, hot or cold – these are Killer.
Amrita Dhillon

Curated by Amrita Dhillon and Peter Wilde