Luz Peuscovich “Hole” Exhibition – Raum für drastische Maßnahmen Event


Raum für drastische Maßnahmen is pleased to invite you to the opening of the new exhibition “Hole” by Argentinian artist Luz Peuscovich, on Friday, September 8 at 7:00 pm, in collaboration with the Argentinian video-artist and activist Milena Pafundi, under the curatorship of Camille Cousin.

Luz Peuscovich is an explorer. During her multiple trips around the world, she collects natural elements becoming the physical and symbolic medium of her installations.

The exhibition “Hole” reflects upon the different forms that nature adopts and the way we humans have categorized and valued it and by extension everything around us, including our own human condition and the nature of our bodies and their practices.

It all began as a game between the artists where they would talk about and find new names for the natural objects referring to sexual organs which Luz found during her travels.
Why are certain parts of the body sexualized and not others?
The game turned into conversations to deconstruct and redefine the ideas of nature, body, uses of the body.

That’s where the hole arises from, as the place where we are equal beyond genres. The hole is then taken as a symbol for a horizontal way of getting linked together, from where something hidden and unknown is available to be explored, renamed and revalued.

In the collection process appears an anarchic and diverse nature, a consequence of the elements linking it together, which manifests itself in an infinite way.
So why do we believe in hetero-norm as the form of natural sexuality?

The exhibition opens with two works, “Hole” (sculpture / installation) and the catalog of renowned collections. The third work “V” (video installation), a collaboration between Luz Peuscovich and Milena Pafundi, will be presented on Thursday September the 14th for the finissage day in the space’s basement.

Luz Peuscovich was born in 1984 in Argentina. She studied Fine Arts at the University of La Plata, Art Curatorship and Management in Buenos Aires and attended a scenography course at the Colón Theater (Buenos Aires).
She exhibited her paintings in solo and collective exhibitions in several art venues in Argentina.
As from 2009, her explorations in painting have been followed by multidisciplinary works and art installations, with frequent collaboration with other artists, and seek to expand the perceptual abilities of active viewers.
Her current projects are linked to travel experiences during which she collects objects found in nature with which she realizes installations. By generating a change in the usual context, the artist seeks to transform the perception of space so as to inhabit it in a different way than the usual. Her research focuses on the integration of man within nature and the experience connecting him with beauty.
She exhibited her installations in different art spaces in Argentina, the United States, Germany, Panama, China, India, Brazil and Norway.


Raum für drastische Massnahmen
Oderstrasse 34, 10247 Berlin

Opening: Friday, 8th of September. 7 pm

Open hours:
Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th. 4 – 8 pm
Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th. 5 – 8 pm

Closing: Thursday 14th of September. 7 pm