Image: Courtesy of Gio Montez and Art von Frei Gallery
// Photography Ben Jones, Berlin 2018



“Abitazione” means to wander into the world; to liquify the boundaries and forms of contemporary living to represent life as pure experience.” (Gio Montez)

What does living mean?
To what extent are the social changes of the 21st century related to living conditions? What changes in the contemporary living of a room and what does not change?

“Abitazione” From Latin. habitare, frequentative of habēre ‘have’ – ‘hold'”

Living therefore means keeping a certain place and adopting habits; this concerns local habits or the production of new habits. The “Art of Life” builds around the living like a dress. Through this unconventional residential action of a non-residential location, the boundaries of current living are expanded and the artist explores current forms of living.

“I will transfer my residence for 168 hours to the Art von Frei Gallery. I will survive through inter-action and communication. I will talk to people entering the space or passing by and connect with always-present Web-Society. I will extend my privacy to the limit and explore what comes next.” (Gio Montez)

The deprivations of the conventional conditions of life create an artificial living situation in which Gio Montez presents the experience itself as a production. The artist is a self-explorer in changing situations, which can then lead to unusual forms of living.

Ben Jones documents and monitors the performance.


Aktion nr.14, “ABITAZIONE”
14012018 – 21012018

Friday, January 19th, 2018, 7 – 11pm

Duration performance: 168 hours

The art performance Abitazione plays from January 14th – 21st, 2018
and can be visited during the opening hours Noon – 6pm.