Matching image soulmates: The visions of collage artists Jorge Chamorro


Flowers, soup bowl or a skull? The Madrid born collage artist Jorge Chamorro is sitting by a table at his coworking space ESDIP Berlin in Friedrichshain, trying to figure out what to glue on top of a renaissance looking painting of a young girl. He alternates between the three options; tries them out one by one. Flowers? Soup bowl? Skull?


Jorge primarily makes analogue collages. He prefers that over digital collages both because he likes getting away from the computer and because it adds an element of surprise to the work. “When you work with analogue collages you have the table full of papers and if you work a couple of days you have the whole house full of papers. The papers can randomly create something together. Random is super important in collage. Random is important in life”, he explains passionately.


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