Matching the artworks


Once again I meet with Peter Ungeheuer, this time he receives me at his apartment. Last time I interviewed him was on the occasion of his previous exhibition, a collaboration with Art von Frei, featuring the works of by five artists that produced watercolor paintings, some as main support, some specifically for that exhibition. While Peter makes us coffee, I take my time to admire his art collection. From our last encounter, I recall how he mentioned that his whole collection hangs on his walls, that as a collector he aimed to coexist with his collection, rather than have it put out in a storage somewhere.

His walls pose as an obvious reminder of his passion for collecting, they are covered from top to bottom with art, and if he aims to exhibit all his art, he might need some new walls in the near future or start collecting at a slower rate. Maybe it’s this dilemma that has driven Peter into curating over the last years.


Philip Grözinger, The sound of Yul, 2016


His newest exhibition with open on the 7th of October, at the Siller Contemporary in Hamburg. He will be exhibiting the works of 4 Berlin-based painters, an art field that is not traditionally associated to Berlin, according to Peter. Still, all these artists count with important local gallery representation. The exhibition will be a selection of works by Martin Borowski, Philip Grözinger, Andreas Golder and Axel Geis, each one presenting two pieces, one medium, one large. Purposedly this exhibition will not have name tags on the artworks, and the visitor will be forced to play a game of ‘find the match’, comparing the styles between the artworks to find which two were made by the same artist. A decision that Peter thinks will force people to talk and interact with the exhibition, rather than just looking at it, a key aspect of his curating endeavors.

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Martin Borowski, Pool 15, 2016


Talking to Peter it’s quite obvious that he is very passionate about curating and has a very direct approach to it. He exhibits artists that he likes, then he comes up with a back concept transforming the exhibition into more than ‘paintings on the wall’. His aim is to produce exciting exhibitions that somehow challenge the traditional formats of exhibiting art but at the same time, the concept does not steal the spotlight of the artwork themselves. This time he will try to achieve this by transforming the whole exhibition into an interactive game of finding similarities and common points in the style of each of these four artists and while his overcrowded walls keep his collecting efforts in check, we will have a chance to enjoy a lot more exhibitions curated by him in the near future.



Curated by Peter Ungeheuer

Opening 06. Oktober 2017, 7 to 10:30 pm

07. Oktober – 08. November 2017
Monday – Friday 10 am – 6 pm
Gallerist appointment by agreement

Ballindamm 9, 20095 Hamburg