Mohammed Chiba


Mohammed Chiba is an Indian artist, illustrator, and collector, currently working in Mumbai. As a creative practitioner, he tries working in various mediums and has various art practices. Some of them include image making (drawing, sketching), sculpture, working with found objects, digital art, and photography. As a collector you never know what you’ll find, you may try and find a specific object, but Chiba never tried to do that. As he stumbled upon something, he worked with it but never made a conscious effort to find recurring patterns or find a context in the objects he was picking up. This is almost directly related to what he does when he creates artworks/images. He searches for a specific voice as an artist, therefore he tries to decide what he does as an artist. Lot of my work is a journey inwards, rather than outwards. As an artist, he relies heavily on intuition and letting his mind decide what it requires and where it wants to go and that is how he has always made work even as a child. Most of his work at its core is about self-improvement and self-expression.