I’m not selling enough art. How to change that?


Most of you know me. I’m an dealer/artist that manages Azucar and a dozen of other projects. My life is devoted to art, and it’s awesome. On a daily basis i’m in contact with amazing art pieces and  am able to help artists mold their career. I take great pride in having offered most artists their first exhibition oportunity and, in many cases, their first sale. My focus is within emerging artists, and i love it.

The main problem is that, lately, i’m simply not satisfied with the number of sales i have been achieving for my artists, i just don’t believe that the results i’m obtaining are enough to mark a difference on these artists long term career. Of course, there is a constant influx of sales, but they are simply not enough for these artists to maintain a upgrowing career and neither for me as an art dealer.

I believe there is a whole new generation of art collector of whom i’m not taking advantage at the moment, and that my main task should be to transform startup owners and other mid-level entrepreneurs into art’s collectors by instructing them onto “how do i start collecting art?”. The mentality that art collecting is something meant for oil tycoons or russian oligarchs is deeply rooted into the common thought, we are constantly hearing stories about record-breaking auction sales but we seem to forget that it is possible to start collecting art with as little as 50 or 100 euros. I’m talking about quality pieces, none of that IKEA poster shit.

It’s become tiresome to hear so many art dealers and artists complain that they don’t sell enough art, that berlin’s art market is broke and that they have to manage 3 different jobs beyond their art career in order to maintain a stable income. I’m tired of hearing that and i’m tired of seeing these people not acting upon and proposing new solutions to old problems. If you complain about something, but don’t act on changing that, it’s borderline stupid.

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So, i’m not selling enough art. What should i do? Quit? Focus on my design career and just abandon the art world? Take on a 9-5 work at a advertising agency and dwell on the comfort of a stable income? No.

Sorry, but my mother didn’t raise a quitter. 

So this is a turning point, it’s time to take matter in my own hands and use the tools within my reach to change this panorama. Use tools such as social media to achieve maximum visibility, start a network of art collector from scratch and start delivering the results that match the quality of artists that trust in my work.

In the short term i will be trying out vlogging, direct messaging interior designers and guest blogging, as well as stepping up my overall social media game. I will be experimenting with a serious of strategies and tools that most galerist and curators would consider non-traditional, to say the least. But as i stated earlier, you cannot expect to change your panorama if you don’t try anything new, right?

Of course i don’t plan to do this alone, or keep to myself the results of the experiments i will be performing over the next months. True to my sharing nature, i will be documenting to great extents all the process and will be sharing the results with my network of artists, curators and dealers, since i believe that most of these strategies can be easily implemented by most of them.

Knowledge is meant to be shared, and the art world already has it’s more-than-fair share of pettynes, secretness and individualism.


It’s time to work harder.