How to Pick the Right Contemporary Art for Your Home


Choosing artwork for your home is never easy. You have thousands of contemporary paintings to choose from along with dozens of styles and themes. Here is a quick guide to help you pick the right art for your home.

Decide Where to Place the Artwork

Before choosing contemporary artwork for your home, think about where you plan to place it. The layout and size of the room help you determine how big of a painting to display.

In a small room, a large painting can easily overwhelm other design elements. If the painting is too small, it loses its impact.

You should also consider the type of room that you are decorating. You may not want the same type of art in the kitchen and living room. Add soothing paintings to your bedroom to help you rest and lively paintings to the kitchen to bring more energy.

Select a Contemporary Art Style or Genre

Contemporary art includes a variety of styles from landscapes to abstract art. Contemporary paintings featuring landscapes or still life often feature realistic depictions of subjects. With abstract art and conceptual art, you are more likely to find ideas expressed in brush strokes.

Keep in mind that realistic paintings or artwork with lots of detail are more likely to attract your attention when you walk into the room. Depending on the scale of the painting, it may become the focal point.

Choose a Color Scheme for the Painting

If you are looking for contemporary art to add to existing décor, choose paintings that work well with the color palette of the room. You may find paintings that complement or contrast with the colors that already appear in the room.

When searching for art to redecorate a room, select colors that you enjoy or that fit the intended mood of the room. The colors in the painting can help provide inspiration for the rest of the décor.

Consider Different Art Mediums

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Contemporary art includes more than just paintings. Do not restrict your search to canvas or prints. You may find contemporary art sculptures, furniture, and other objects.

Sculptures and other forms of art offer more dimension compared to paintings. However, you may also need more space to position a sculpture or piece of furniture.

Start Viewing Contemporary Art Pieces

After analyzing the details discussed, start searching for the right contemporary art. Remember to consider the scale of the artwork and where you plan to place it.

After settling on a few potential options, try to imagine how the art will look in the room. When purchasing paintings, you may even print a copy of the art and tape it to the wall where you intend to hang it. Avoid purchasing art immediately. Sit on the decision for a few days. After a night of rest, you may find that the art does not fit the style of the room.

As a final tip, choose artwork that you love. The most important detail is ensuring that you enjoy viewing the art that you place in your home.