Pocket Exhibitions #1


Azucar & Art und Weise: pocket exhibition #1



Since it was born, back in 2012, mobility and fluidity were always very important aspects of Azucar’s reality. The idea of creating exhibitions in various venues was always very appealing for us. At a first moment that was due the lack of our own exhibition venue, but even after we acquired our first gallery venue we still worked very hard into doing shows in locations external to our own gallery space.


The challenges of organizing exhibitions in ever changing locations has played a very good role in keeping our curatorial team fast on their feet, thinking unique solutions for unique issues. When you are accustomed to curating exhibitions in the same venue for a long time you enter a comfort zone, and there are few things more dangerous in life than getting caught in a comfort zone. But on the other side when constantly being faced with new venues and challenges you train your brain into figuring out new solutions to all the unexpected issues that might accompany these new endeavours.


With that fluidity spirit in mind, we must say we were super excited to be invited by Art und Weise to organize a new series of monthly exhibitions for them. On a month to month basis we will feature works by gallery artists as well as some special guests, aiming to reach a broader public that is not acquainted with the work we have been performing with Azucar Galley.


Our first collaborative exhibition will take place the 6th of october, where we will feature a selection of works that took part in our opening group show. This exhibition will provide a very intimate view of our artists.


So we would like to invite all our friends to be a part of this exciting new project.


Art und Weise
Leinestr.48, 12049 Berlin, Germany

Thursday 6 Oct 19:00


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“The rigidity of a bottle’s form does not affect

the fluidity of the liquid it contains.”

Leon Krier