Salut a la Muerte


In its third consecutive year, the cultural associations Allmyfrnds and La Miranda get together to organize the festival Salut a la Muerte,  a multicultural celebration under the festivities of the day of the dead and La Castañeda.


The event aims to gether somehow the mixture that represents the city of Barcelona with its own identity in constant construction under the combination of cosmopolitan and tradition.

Like in previous editions, the festival will take part in the headquarters of La Miranda next to the Guell park. This huge house has capacity for 300 people and provides one of the best views of the city.

The activities will be from 13:00 on the 29th and will have live music (DJ’s and local bands), projections, art installations and live painting acts. For the first time, this year, Salut a la Muerte will have theater, poetry and improvisation shows. All of this in a ambiance of costumes, drinks and foods from all around the globe.

Una of the traditional emblems of the festival since 2014 is solidarity, that’s why the entry cost is food to be donated to charity organizations.