Schau Fenster is Under Construction


Some weeks ago i went to see the ongoing exhibition at  Schau Fenster on recommendation from Eva, from Art von Frei. She told me that the exhibition was ‘unmissable’ and being still kinda new to the berlin scene it was a very good opportunity to meet the artists and curators Römer + Römer, who according to her are well known for always preparing exciting exhibitions. I do always take in high consideration when someone recommends me a exhibition, with the huge number of exhibitions happening in Berlin on a daily basis it’s easy to get lost and have a hard time separating what worth it and what’s ‘just another berlin exhibition’.

When i got the recommendation the show was already running on its last week, so i thought that the finissage was the ideal time to go. And boy, was the show worth a visit.

Usually writing about an exhibition is done shortly after the opening, giving the opportunity for the reader to have a previous idea of what he will encounter once he goes see the show. So, why am i doing a review on the show weeks after it closed?


Eröffnung von „Under Construction“, Schau Fenster, Berlin. 13.01.2017 Foto: Hong Nguyen Thai

A large number of exhibitions might fail to cause a lasting impression on the viewer, and fall straight into oblivion the moment you walk out of the gallery. How many exhibitions did you go last year? How many do you actually remember? In a city with a artistic scene as vibrant as Berlin you are constantly bombarded with openings, and it’s common to visit several exhibitions a week, even several in the same night. Dealing with such number of cultural stimulus makes it hard for any art show to cause a lasting impression.

In a city where a large number of art exhibition can feel to be disposable, here i am, weeks after, writing about the Under Construction exhibition.

The exhibition presented a heterogeneous group of 25 artists, where it was very hard to find any aesthetical or subject likeness in between the pieces. But somehow the exhibition felt as a whole. I can only attribute that to the great curatorial eye of the Römer duo.

A group so disperse of artists with so different backgrounds and places within their career, with some of the artists taking part in the most important biennials and exhibitions, presented one work of art each. Even with such a level of professional artists the show seemed somehow fun and playful, two characteristics that sometimes are rare to find in art exhibitions nowadays, and is truly missed.


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Eröffnung von „Under Construction“, Schau Fenster, Berlin. 13.01.2017 Foto: Hong Nguyen Thai


My favorite piece in the show was without a doubt the 1:43-47 by Michael Sailstorfer which consisted in a cement mixed used with a blowtorch to make popcorn in the most extreme way you could possibly imagine.

I am truly glad i took the advice and went to see the show, it caused a lasting impression that lingers well after the art show has finished and all the pieces are shipped back to their artists and respective collections. But, isn’t’ that what art should be all about? A lasting impression, thinking about a show or a artpiece long after you stepped away from it.

Next time Romer & Romer curate an exhibition i vow to be there on the opening day and write about it the morning after. Because, if it is anything like under construction, it will be something worth experiencing.