Some Science releases new album and the universe behind it



Javier Moreno & Miguel Prieto are the two halves of Some Science, a new artistic group that will settle their own starting point with their first six-tracker long work named ‘The Universe of Gödel’, the first part of the project. It will be followed in the upcoming months by a second part made of remixes by well-known artists, fond of their deep sound taste.

Based around the history of the renowned mathematician Kurt Gödel – to be more precise, around his phrase «relativity is just fine, whereas time in the intuitive sense is an illusion» – the duo wanted to express their creative concerns that arose in their particular and timeless universe. In the moment the musician enters the studio to produce, to create an own universe, the real world steps aside to become a parallel reality. That’s the place where Some Science feels more comfortable, where they can create in their own present, without looking into the past, nor looking for a particular future.

This work has been created under a unique and strong bassline, with a scheme dominated by the rules of techno, with the main focus on club sounds. Without too many cryptic codes, the six tracks are a reflection of the two restless minds that created Some Science as a side project toProblem Makers, a formation that got very good results with their two previous releases: ‘Die Leere’ and ‘The Filmmaker’, which got them to act at Vicious Live along Marc Marzenit. Recently, Problem Makers have also taught production classes at the renowned CEV Academy, thanks to their knowledge on sound engineering.

‘The Universe Of Gödel’ was released December 12th through the Spanish imprint iLogic Label. You can hear it here: