Summer Abstractions. An exhibition by Arão Pinto and Kyte Tatt


A hot, vibrant and lively exhibition of abstract art. Nature works as a common inspiration set for the two artists, and their unique perceptions of it shape the uniqueness of their artistic output.




About the Artists


Arão Pinto

Is work draws on memories of the artist’s origin. As the son of Brazilian natives, he had, from a young age, the privilege to get in touch with nature at its purest. He was born in the Amazonian forest, where he grew up and lived until he followed his own path – a path which made Arão a contemporary artist whose paintings are exhibited in the most renowned art galleries and museums in the world. “The purpose of art is to be shared”, says the artist, and this is exactly what he does: he shares his art – a mixture of colors and textures inspired by the wood which he has learnt to respect through his family – with everyone.


Kyte Tatt

Kyte Tatt is an American abstract and figurative artist based in Berlin. His work draws inspiration from philosophy, nature, science, altered states of consciousness and spirituality. His work often focuses on allowing the subconscious to become conscious.

Born in Pennsylvania, Kyte left his rural upbringing at 18 to travel the world. He lived in a caravan for nearly 10 years and visited 22 countries in his travels. During his travels he was involved in various art projects in the USA.  He is now working as a painter in Berlin.