Summer showcase – Three emerging photographers exhibiting in Berlin


The end of July came in Berlin with a heatwave and an exhibition showcasing some new spanish photography. On this occasion the 3 visiting artists teamed up with curators Stephan van Kuyk & Irene Cruz to organize their first group exhibition in the German capital, known for its thriving art scene. 

Exhibiting in Berlin is a definitive crucial step for these exhibiting photographers and sure will spark their creativity for future projects.


Joana Traver 

She lives and works in Berlin. Through a documentary and self-taught approach to her photography, she explores the complex relations between movement and memory and their unpredictable, transitory nature.

Amidst our current digital excess, Traver’s analog photography creates a new ecology of images that capture the relativity of time and how accidental life can ultimately be.


Agustín López Bedoya

 “For my photographic positioning I use the documentary model to realize my projects in which, through my magnifying glass, I return to the local landscape, the horizon of my memory, talking about geographies, places, memories, emotions linked to experiences personal. I have no creative imagination, what I like is to step on, smell and breathe, with all my dwindling strengths, the places I want to tell those nonfiction stories that interest me and that serve me as personal reflection.”

La Skimal

Her photographs become experiences, the way to face the reality of life, expressing honesty, audacity and love through them. She shoots or by pure need of self-expression, or simply “as excuse” to go into other realities and live different experiences.



La Skimal has photography as lifestyle. In summer she is in Ibiza, where she is specialized in music and portrait photography. In winter she travels around the world to develop personal projects, which oscillate between the documentary and artistic side.