Ana Maria GuzmanAna Maria Guzman (2)

After finishing her Bachelor Studies in Philosophy at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, she came to Berlin to study a Master, also in Philosophy. She likes to think about bodies, technology, theatre, images and screens. She has never successfully solved a captcha.

KGB – Sounds and Berlin’s Public Galleries
Anastasia PatapkinaAnastasia Patapkina (2)

Junior student of philosophy and art history (Smolny College Saint-Petersburg and Bard College Berlin).

Bernhard Leitner
Audrey KadjarAudrey Kadjar (1)
The Haus –
Azucar PressAzucar Press (18)

Azucar Press department.

Museum of Lost Minds – CALL FOR ART
Becca RichardsBecca Richards (3)

Becs Richards is an artist and activist living in Berlin. She studied Sociology and Performance at Seattle University, with an emphasis on the intersections of feminism, performance, and resistance. Her work has primarily focused on experimental underground music culture, art and social movements, scenic design, media justice, and performance art. Two notable companies she has worked with are Sub Pop and Hollow Earth Radio.

Radical Trans*feminist Art at the Schwules Museum
Claudia SchaferClaudia Schafer (2)
Mario Pedrosa On The Affective Nature Of Form
Cristina Benzi SanchezCristina Benzi Sanchez (5)

Cristina Benzi is deeply working on her art project @momaworks, it's a personal blog about contemporary art where she relates to how people react to art and writes about that. Sometimes she also interviews artists and curators.

Interview to WEI FEI / Open Studios GlogauAir, Berlin
David RossDavid Ross (1)

David Ross is a Toronto-based communist shaman who welcomes collaborating with fellow revolutionaries.

JESSGO on the GO
Estrella BonillaEstrella Bonilla (2)
Dengue Dengue Dengue from Sole to Soul
Francisco TomsichFrancisco Tomsich (2)

Artist and author born in Uruguay. He has founded and integrates numerous art projects and groups and is a fervent traveller and gatherer of recent art histories from Eastern Europe.

Giulia TortaGiulia Torta (0)
Guilherme JungstedtGuilherme Jungstedt (9)
Minimalism at the service of photography
James ThreadinghamJames Threadingham (63)
Neuroscience Changes The Way We Look At Art
Jennifer MaJennifer Ma (3)

When Jennifer isn’t busy wrangling words, she likes to go to galleries and ponder the meaning of life, dance to music that contain no lyrics, and ask strangers far too intrusive questions. Sometimes those things line up with the whole writing gig, which is cool. Milestones in her life include moving from Sydney to Berlin, a three-day hike to Machu Picchu, and perfecting the art of fried chicken.

mad love for Australian art: An Exhibition Review
Jully AcuñaJully Acuña (1)

Artist and creative conservator in Cultural Heritage, born in Colombia.
Phd candidate in Heritage Studies.

Karine BravoKarine Bravo (0)

Multidisciplinary artist and content creator, Karine Bravo moved from Brazil to Berlin to explore different cultural scenes and get inspired to create.

Journalist by passion and magazine enthusiast, she also dedicates herself to study the new formats of communication in the digital era.

Kristoffer CanimoKristoffer Canimo (1)

Kristoffer Canimo is 26-year-old Content and Outreach Manager currently based in Manila, Philippines. He starts and ends his day with a cup of coffee. He’s currently in love with Raymond Carver, Sydney painters, and the Oxford comma.

Young Heart, Young Art
Maria LlopartMaria Llopart (1)

Maria Llopart Moreno studied History of Art in the Universitat de Barcelona. She has written as
a freelance for some magazines about art criticism and making interviews to contemporary
artists and she is also the co-founder of Cercle d’Art, the multidisciplinary magazine for
university students. She is currently interested in art residencies and working in a research
project about their role in contemporary art and artists careers.

Open calls for artists – January
Moira BarrettMoira Barrett (1)

Moira Barrett is a writer, collage artist and grad student based in Berlin. Her work focuses on inner life and threshholds.

CON_TEXT at Lettrétage: manifest hominis fabri & Ink in Milk
Natálie ZehnalováNatálie Zehnalová (3)

Natalie Zehnalova came to Berlin in 2012 to study Art History and stayed since. She is a story hunter and creative; her interests include searching through music platforms for undiscovered acts, taking pictures and screening movies with Mobile Kino as well as urban art, photography, subcultures, Berlin's recent history and current culture affairs.

The Art Bang That Shook Berlin
Nazreen Abraham SteinNazreen Abraham Stein (2)
The Joy of copying!
Nicolás IsasiNicolás Isasi (1)

Nick is an artist born in La Plata, Argentina. He began studying sax at the age of 10 years old at the Gilardo Gilardi’s Conservatory. After school, he began to study Film Direction at the Universidad del Cine (FUC) in Buenos Aires. Later, his love between music and drama made him study at the Superior Institute of Art of the Colon Theatre (ISATC) to become an Opera Stage Director. He is currently teaching, writing and preparing new projects. Part of his work is online at:

Sebastián González de GortariSebastián González de Gortari (1)

As many spirits would be eager to tell you, if you knew how to listen to them, Sebastián is a swell Mexican artist and writer living in Frankfurt. From his window he carefully studies the movements of the local rabbits; occasionally he goes out and mumbles magic words he learnt from a tricky spider; he is known to confer with ghost of ill repute.

Ed Atkins “Corpsing”
Selene RossSelene Ross (1)

Selene Ross is an artist and writer from California. With degrees in environmental studies and sociology from the University of California Santa Barbara, her work focuses on themes of femininity, power, and intimacy as they relate to broader concepts of humanity and equality. Based in Berlin since August 2015, she is often performing at poetry nights and exhibitions around the city.

Outside the White Cube: Non-Galleries in Berlin
Stephan van KuykStephan van Kuyk (131)

Founder and director of Azucar. Lives and works in Berlin. Is also an artist and accounts manager at

Vanessa SouliVanessa Souli (20)

Vanessa Souli holds a BA on English Language and Literature and an MA in Arts & Heritage Management and Policy.
She has worked as an in-house and freelance editor, translator and writer since 2015. At the moment, she mainly works as an arts manager and writer for magazines based in Berlin.

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