Tips To Get Your Custom Oil Paintings In The Limelight At Art Shows


Ever since you were young, you’ve always had interest in oil painting. You considered this to be just a hobby, and now that you’ve gotten older, it is an avenue to relieve stress. Over the years, many people have commented how well you have been doing with your oil painting. They keep complimenting your pieces and suggesting to sell them. But among the comments they gave you, you were most interested with their idea of putting your oil paintings in art shows. You think that this is a good idea to showcase your talent. And while the idea sounds so simple, you don’t know what steps to take to achieve that goal.


Anything that you’re doing for the first time is difficult. You don’t know the ins and outs of what you’re getting yourself into – and getting your oil paintings in art shows is no different. However, there are many different ways to make that dream of yours become a reality, and you can start by following these tips to get your oil paintings in the limelight at art shows:

  1. Identify your target art shows.


Yes, it can be tempting but don’t send your portfolio to every art show that is advertised or are within your area. You should look in different magazines and online to determine the art shows which you could work with in the future. Each of the art shows you’re eyeing must meet the following criteria:


  • Sell the medium that you’re working with. This means that since you’re working with paintings, you should not approach art shows which only cater to photography and sculptures.
  • Represent artwork styles that draw buyers who would be interested in your style.
  • Must be respected and is a well-established art show.
  • Should be able to promote themselves regularly and have effective marketing strategies.


  1.    Assess the quality of your work and the target art shows with what they feature.


Is your goal of working with a particular art show realistic? Can you with an art show filled with experts, or must you get along with novices? Being able to answer this question is essential as you would always want to work with an art show which has the same “level’ as you. If you submit your portfolio to an art show which only supports professional artists who have become a household name throughout the years, chances are, your application will be turned down immediately.

  1. Go through the art show’s artists


This can be time-consuming, but this can help you in more ways than one. Acquainting yourself with the roster of artists in the art show will give you an idea of how things work when you become one of them. You’ll know better the processes involved and the expectations you should set all throughout. Additionally, being able to know these artists will allow you to determine if the art show really supports your “level.”

  1. Network and meet more people


If you don’t have an artist friend, it might be best if you try to send a letter to other artists and ask them to critique your work for you. Doing this can be efficient, but it might require you to shell out money to the artist to do the job. You can also take workshops with some of them as this can improve your skills, and if you perform well, they can notice you and quickly refer you to art shows. Taking pictures of them and uploading them online might be a good alternative if you can’t find any (just be careful of copyright infringement.) Doing this might be tedious, but if you’re really aiming to have your oil paintings in art shows, you should be able to take this risk.

  1. Get A Website For Your Art


People are now doing business online, and you should too. In addition to physical critique and marketing to other artists, being able to display your art online might do the trick. More and more art shows are using the online platform to find new artists, so if they can see your works online, they might notice you and contact you immediately! You just have to make sure that what you’re posting online is your best work and that you’re not missing out any contact details. Your website should also be accessible both through a desktop computer or handheld device so it’ll be easier for art shows to reach out to you.

Key Takeaway Points


A hobby is a hobby until people notice how excellent you are in what you’re doing. For you, you might see this as a mere pastime to do when your schedule is not as hectic but for people, your custom oil paintings are a masterpiece, and having it displayed in your first art gallery could mean that more people will get to appreciate what you do or your craft. And while the road to attaining that goal can be difficult, it is possible. As long as you follow the tips presented in this article and couple it up with your determination and perseverance, for sure, you’ll be able to get your oil paintings in art shows soon!



Adam Cross

Adam Cross is a writer contributing works to 1st Art Gallery. His attention to detail extends to things he writes, as he knows he has a responsibility to his readers to express his idea in a clear and concise manner. He’s currently trying his hand at oil painting, an activity he’s currently enjoying.