Writing for Azucar

About Writing

So, thanks for your interest. Let us tell you a bit of what’s it about. Azucar began in 2012 in Argentina as a catalogue for emerging talents in the visual arts. Since then it grew into an art gallery (www.azucargallery.com) and a online art magazine (www.azucarmag.com).

We are constantly in the lookout for writers interested in collaborating with cultural content for the magazine. Our current team is achieving fantastic results and producing a constant stream of quality content.


The topics we like to cover would be current exhibitions, artists, studio visits, events, berlin’s general scene, curators, bands, films and much more.  It’s essential to have a fine balance between interesting content and readability is essential, also eye catching topics (no clickbait, of course).
We are open to report on content from various worldwide art scenes, our magazine has a lot of traffic from all around the globe.
This is a very exciting project, and we would be glad to have you on board.


How to submit the articles

So you’ve decided to team up with us, glad to hear that! What’s next? Aftr discussing the thematics you want to cover vía e-mail (hello@azucarmag.com) you are ready to start writing. Ideally you should write the articles using GOOGLE DOCS for easier sharing and editing, don’t forget to add all links necessary. Afterwards create a GOOGLE DRIVE folder named after the article you are writing.

Include in this folder all the pictures needed for the article, the pictures should be named NAME OF ARTICLE_1, NAME OF ARTICLE_2 and so on. Be sure to add the references and credits for each picture.

Characteristics of the articles

  • 500 to 800 words is ideal, but not mandatory
  • Links within article
  • Two sentence excerpt, shortly describing the article
  • List of focus words
  • 3 to 5 pictures, or more, if necessary
  • Credits and/or references of pictures


Any questions? Write to us: hello@azucarmag.com

Content on Request

We are always in touch with a network of partners and art initiatives that require a constant influx of quality content. Some of these contents are paid, while others aren’t. In order to cover one of these topics just write to hello@azucarmag.com and let us know you want to take it over. This is on a first come, first serve basis and are paid (if aplicable) upon delivery of the final piece.


  • Focus on Abstraction
    Carlos Silva (Columbian), Oliver Lanz (German) and George Barber (British) will each have a 12 day exhibition. The shows will cover painting and sculpture, in both classical and contemporary approaches, with the aim to develop a dialogue both between the three exhibitions and the audience. Exhibition review.


  • Art von Frei: Summer Selection
    Already becoming a summer tradition, the Art von Frei gallery will be presenting a HUGE collective exhibition with it’s main artists. Interview with the gallerist and a write up on a couple of the artists participating.


  • Art Startups
    A research article listing a couple of art startups that are aiming to change the rules of the game. What are they doing differently? What rules are they breaking? What challenges are they facing? Cover at least 3 Startups

Paid Article €10

  • Römer + Römer Interview
    A chance to discover the works of artist/curator dúo, who are consistently curating some of the most interesting exhibitions in Berlin, what are the highlights of the recent years? And whats comming down the road. How do they ballance their work as artists and curators? How does it work when they include their own work in their own exhibitions