Stephan van Kuyk

Marcel Burger

Marcel Burger (Anna Paulowna Noord-Holland, 1964) International artist. Started drawing and painting in 1984. At the time, mainly engaged in airbrush. Won numerous awards (including trips to Milan and New York). Been a participant in several exhibitions, for example in Times Square NY. Nominee of the Florence Biennale 2013, the Florence Biennale 2015 and 2017. …

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Ed Smiley

Ed Smiley is a California native and a long time Santa Cruz resident. He has been working in Santa Cruz California and showing for many years.   Smiley uses laser jet prints made by scanning images while moving them and transfers them directly into the paint and removes the paper entirely and combines that with …

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Andrei Tonita

Andrei Tonita was born in Craiova, Romania on 11th May 1993. With nothing happening around this small town, he naturally turned himself to art and literature to fight the daily monotony. After finishing college and obtaining a degree in Fine Arts, things took a turn for the better. He moved to Bucharest to pursue his …

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Anke Schollen

Anke Schollen was born in Belgium in 1997. She attended the Art-school PIKOH in Hasselt where she studied audiovisual arts. She makes paintings, illustrations, photography and sculptures. She is currently studying at UCLL to become an art teacher. Instagram Twitter  Facebook

How to get your art published in Blogs and Magazines (Part II)

How to get your art published in Blogs and Magazines – Part II In the first part we went thru the benefits of getting your work published in online magazines and blogs, as a quick recap, even getting featured on smaller blogs can drastically increase your own personal audience, since most of these blog readers are completely unfamiliar …

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how to get published in blogs and magazines (Part I)

When taking action towards growing your art career, it’s very important that you expand the visibility your artworks achieve, the more people see your work the bigger the chances that a collector, curator or gallery owner gets in contact with your art, leading to exciting professional opportunities such as sales or exhibitions which are, arguably, the foundations …

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Mayro Toyo

Mayro Toyo started his Visual Arts career early at 6 years old. In 2011, he travelled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to continue and expand his searching in Visual Arts. In 2014, he also travelled to São Paulo, Brazil to meet personally artists who helped him focus himself on Visual Arts and inspired him. Four months …

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Suspended Ocean Scenes of Miguel Rothschild

Berlin-based Argentine artist Miguel Rothschild has produced a pair of installations that freeze the undulating waves of the ocean in intricate exactitude. Elegy , on view at Kuckei + Kuckei in Berlin, draws its name from a poem by Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges that memorializes “the irreparable river of the years

How to write your artist statement

An image is worth a thousand words, right? As an artist, you might think that your images should be the focal point of your career, but words also play a key role in delivering the idea of your art, that’s why it’s important to know how to write your artist statement.