Digital Art


Known for his compelling juxtapositions of opposites reflecting an underlying thematic preoccupation with ecocentrism and its inherent correlation to advanced human potential, Metrov’s paintings, sculpture, and films reside in collections worldwide.“My mission is to leave a legacy of historically important art.” MetrovBorn in East Los Angeles, Metrov began his professional life in New York City in …

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One Per San

San is an artist from Hong Kong, born in 1980,  and start his character design label founded in 2012. Working on doodling, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture.  He is well known for its geometric abstract, highly saturated colors, tiny rounded eyes, vivid & ridiculous characters. Currently, San focuses on commercial and personal projects published by the …

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Supreme Aperitif

Born 1983 Zacatecas Mexico. Always getting lost. 2001 parents Migrated to USA did the American dream stuff we followed soon after. Got out of school with an architecture degree. Always fascinated by pattern and the beauty of repetition. Based in LA. Instagram

Gustavo Chams

Born and raised in Brazil, Chams has had a formal classical music education before dedicating four years to private classes with a renowned portrait photographer. Chams signed his first fashion cover at the age of 17 and achieved a wide national recognition before moving to Canada. After these facts, Chams started to dedicate his time …

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Angy Abbruzzese

Visual Artist from Caracas, Venezuela. Graduate in Science in Communication and coordinator of cultural activities in Lugar Común Bookstore from 2013 to 2017. She is currently working on her personal project Recorta y Mueve, which means cut and move. Through a variety of hand-drawn and digital techniques and inspired by her readings, she renders banknotes …

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Damoo Daiki

I’m an interior design graduate that – occasionally – creates art & design pieces of work.I use any art mediums at my disposal to create ethereal, pastel, fluffy, and dreamy creations. By no means am I a pro, I’m self-taught. And I’m simply driven by the jealousy I feel by other artists’ beautiful art creations, and the need …

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Roxa Ocampo

Roxa Ocampo was born in Córdoba, Argentina. She is 23 years old, a graphic designer and artist.  The study of shapes and color in the University was the most important thread that led her to where she is now. She wants to carry her works on a large scale, she feels a great need to materialize …

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Reanna Ali

I like to create work that deals with emotionally driven subject matters represented through line drawings and human figures, I try to create my version of these emotions that are inspired by everyday experiences, personal relationships, the vulnerable side and raw emotions that people tend to hide. Love and relationships are a key aspect in …

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Sebastian Aasland

Young designer and illustrator from the Western coast of Norway. Creates art across various mediums, but mostly works with vector art. Drawing inspiration from everything from comic books to web design to technology the art varies wildly. Never being complacent is an important part of my career as well as in the art I create. …

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