Mixed Media

Alejandra Baltazares

Mexican artist graduate from the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving “La Esmeralda” and Weissensee Kunsthochschule – Berlin.Her work has been shown internationally in festivals and exhibitions such as New York’s Video_Dumbo, LOOP Barcelona, Jikka Gallery in Tokyo, among others. She has participated in three art residencies, the first one in Bolivia sponsored by …

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Wendell Mc Shine

Stitching together illusive dreams, memories, and observations into a visual code of enigmatic imagery, Trinidadian born. McShine s ́ murals, installations, drawings, animations, and canvases disclose multilevel narratives that haunt the mind and provoke intimacy into self.His animations have been awarded and screened in several international film festivals such as Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival …

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Javier Triviño

Javier Triviño Murillo was born in 1985, Arrasate, Spain. In 2011 he received his degree in Graphic Design from ESDIR School of Art and Design, Logroño, Spain. Triviño has already been included in various collective exhibitions in Spain and the Netherlands. In 2017 he made his first solo exhibition, Kontuz! at La Lonja Gallery, Logroño, …

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YAT is a french graffiti artist and calligrapher based in Berlin, active since 2006 and strongly influenced by the hip-hop culture. The values of peace, love, unity and having fun can often be seen through his work. He started as a classic graffiti writer developing styles to then concentrate more on characters and portraits, and …

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Sivan Kaufman

In my works I am looking for the signs of changing and searching for the view as it seen from one point of view, and it may not seen again. I am interesting in the way the colors and the textures are working in their environment, and how is it influance on an individual or …

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“Simulation of my production was formed through creating inflation of installation in works which may be based as vanishing art. My works were built upon understanding to understand (commenting on meaning – Hermeneutics) in the present form. Seek of art here involves a deep “reconstruction” process in the context of forming relation between the inspected …


Wednesday Kim

Wednesday Kim was born in Korea, immigrated to America in her early teens. She is a multimedia artist whose work is in the medium of video, performance, installation, and sculpture. She studied and worked in NYC for several years. Currently, she is producing art in her garage located in North Dakota. Most of her work is …

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Marilyn Tota

The idea behind this project was to create everyday a new poster. The poster would express the “mood”/thoughts of the day and the colors would express the state of mind. The author was challenging herself to make a poster (in under 1 hour) everyday for a year.   Behance: be.net/marilyntotaInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/degasmic/Facebook: marilyn.tota


The engine of her work is fuelled by her own processes of life, which pierce her through singular and collective experiences that she captures in her pictures, as sround with different identities of transgressive femininity and those concepts around her sexuality that conform her trajectory. Through the public exposure of her intimacy, and of the …

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