David Puck

David Puck is a traditional portrait artist, primarily in spray paint and acrylic. His work depicts queer and fringe individuals, removed from the societal context with identity reflected through bold color and mark-making. Raises questions of individuality, normative culture, and identity in the contemporary context.       Website Instagram

Ser Sinestésico

Ser Sinestésico is the alter ego of Rubén Farzati (Musician, Composer, and Digital Artist), born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently living in Berlin.From 2008 until today, his work is based on spirituality, the universe, life, and death and is often accompanied by images and/or Latin American shamanic concepts and transcendence of mind.His main collage …

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I am a Berlin based artist from Liverpool, UK. My Education is in Graphic Design but more recently I have been working a lot with Illustration and Hand drawn Lettering.My main inspiration is 1950s and 60s Illustration, I like the minimalism and cleanness of this era and also the feeling of optimism expressed in Pop …


Ray Noland

Ray Noland (b. 1972, Chicago, IL) lives and works in Berlin, Germany since 2012. He is an artist and designer formally working under the alias CRO. Noland has a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA 1995) and has worked as art director for Scion & URB Magazines. His clients include, Ogilvy …

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Michael Joyal

Michael Joyal is a child of 1980s Saturday morning cartoons and endless amounts of pop culture, spending his youth drawing winged hawk-men from Flash Gordon and scenes from science fiction movies. Michael honed his story-telling abilities through comic books and making comix zines with mid-90’s Edmonton zine scene. After graduating in 1993 with a BFA in painting from the …

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YAT is a french graffiti artist and calligrapher based in Berlin, active since 2006 and strongly influenced by the hip-hop culture. The values of peace, love, unity and having fun can often be seen through his work. He started as a classic graffiti writer developing styles to then concentrate more on characters and portraits, and …

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Sivan Kaufman

In my works I am looking for the signs of changing and searching for the view as it seen from one point of view, and it may not seen again. I am interesting in the way the colors and the textures are working in their environment, and how is it influance on an individual or …

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An Animated Dance film by Kouhei Nakama

  This is the latest video from director Kouhei Nakama who employs a variety of particle-based animation to bring 3D forms to an exuberant living status in this motion graphics short titled MAKIN’ MOVES. Music by Broke For Free. (via Prosthetic Knowledge)  

Alexandre Faraci

After studying in Paris, Alexandre became Oliver Eglin’s assistant and supported him in many projects before finally going independent.In 2013 he had his work exhibited at Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts, NYC, during the “Story of the Creative” event.While highly influenced by Martin Parr’s works he began to grow more and more interested in social …

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