Victor Tricar

Victor Tricar was born in Paris in 1981. He grew up on the outskirts of Paris in a working-class neighbourhood. His childhood was the intimate stage for an imaginary world that would follow and guide him throughout his life. Victor Tricar describes himself as an unsatisfied artist whose search for truth burns more than ever …

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Leticia Banegas

Leticia Banegas is a female Honduran Artist. She is passionate about her work and she tries to outdo herself with each painting she creates. She always loved painting, it was always a passion for her. But she had to have a “Real Job” so for many years painting was left aside as a hobby. In …

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Stefan Bischoff

Stefan Bischoff was born in beautiful Southern Germany in 1974. After his education a graphic designer, he worked as a web designer for some years. At the same time he wrote and illustrated some children ́s books. In October 2014 something happened to him: he found my own, personal technique of painting which makes every single …

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Philipp Humm

Philipp Rudolf Humm (b. 1959, Saarbruecken, Germany) is a Belgian/German painter and sculptor, based in London who offers commentary on current political and social realities through vibrant figurative paintings and sculpture. Humm is former CEO for Vodafone Europe. In 2015, he quit his high profile job to pursue a full-time painting career. Humm was a …

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Riccardo Matlakas

Riccardo Attanasio best known as “Matlakas” is a multidisciplinary artist born in 1982 in Naples, Italy. After his degree in Sculpture obtained at University of Fine arts in Naples he moved to Uk where he studied an MA in Social Sculpture at Oxford Brookes University. Matlakas worked extensively in Europe but also in Palestine, South …

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Marcel Burger

Marcel Burger (Anna Paulowna Noord-Holland, 1964) International artist. Started drawing and painting in 1984. At the time, mainly engaged in airbrush. Won numerous awards (including trips to Milan and New York). Been a participant in several exhibitions, for example in Times Square NY. Nominee of the Florence Biennale 2013, the Florence Biennale 2015 and 2017. …

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Ed Smiley

Ed Smiley is a California native and a long time Santa Cruz resident. He has been working in Santa Cruz California and showing for many years.   Smiley uses laser jet prints made by scanning images while moving them and transfers them directly into the paint and removes the paper entirely and combines that with …

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Andrei Tonita

Andrei Tonita was born in Craiova, Romania on 11th May 1993. With nothing happening around this small town, he naturally turned himself to art and literature to fight the daily monotony. After finishing college and obtaining a degree in Fine Arts, things took a turn for the better. He moved to Bucharest to pursue his …

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Anke Schollen

Anke Schollen was born in Belgium in 1997. She attended the Art-school PIKOH in Hasselt where she studied audiovisual arts. She makes paintings, illustrations, photography and sculptures. She is currently studying at UCLL to become an art teacher. Website Instagram Facebook

Mayro Toyo

Mayro Toyo started his Visual Arts career early at 6 years old. In 2011, he travelled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to continue and expand his searching in Visual Arts. In 2014, he also travelled to São Paulo, Brazil to meet personally artists who helped him focus himself on Visual Arts and inspired him. Four months …

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