Ed Smiley

Ed Smiley is a California native and a long time Santa Cruz resident. He has been working in Santa Cruz California and showing for many years.   Smiley uses laser jet prints made by scanning images while moving them and transfers them directly into the paint and removes the paper entirely and combines that with …

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Andrei Tonita

Andrei Tonita was born in Craiova, Romania on 11th May 1993. With nothing happening around this small town, he naturally turned himself to art and literature to fight the daily monotony. After finishing college and obtaining a degree in Fine Arts, things took a turn for the better. He moved to Bucharest to pursue his …

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Anke Schollen

Anke Schollen was born in Belgium in 1997. She attended the Art-school PIKOH in Hasselt where she studied audiovisual arts. She makes paintings, illustrations, photography and sculptures. She is currently studying at UCLL to become an art teacher. Website Instagram Facebook

Mayro Toyo

Mayro Toyo started his Visual Arts career early at 6 years old. In 2011, he travelled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to continue and expand his searching in Visual Arts. In 2014, he also travelled to São Paulo, Brazil to meet personally artists who helped him focus himself on Visual Arts and inspired him. Four months …

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Mehmet Şirin Kurt

Mehmet was born in Mardin (Turkey) in 1995. In 2009, he graduated from Diyarbakır Fine Arts High School in İzmir. The expressionist brush ratios in his work include a kind of minimalism that includes lines and topics related to “sociocultural collapses, psychic emotions and consumerist culture”. Instagram

Katharine McGuinness

A Monotype is really a painting done by the artist, in my case with lithography inks, onto a printing plate. This painting is then transferred onto 100% rag paper through an etching press. I work on a drawing composition first, then use that composition as a basis for creating a series of works repeating or …

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Slavka Kratka

Slavka Kratka (born 1961) is a professional painter. She lives and works in the Czech Republic. She studied architecture. Thanks to architecture she was close to drawing and then naturally gravitated to painting which she has been doing for many years. She creates modern compositions that are close to cubism and abstract painting. She very …

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Mariano Rodríguez Cevallos

Mariano (a.k.a. MARC) is a visual artist and muralist that lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He usually works with oils. His trademark, being on canvas or street walls, is his obsession to capture movement. To do this, he uses his self-proclaimed sequences. In these sequences, there are various frames creating the illusion of …

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Ariane Côté

Ariane Côté is a 28 years old Montreal artist. She completed an art history degree at Université de Montreal and now lives entirely from her art by focusing on various media, including painting, drawing and photography. For the past five years, she has been studying with one instructor in a workshop environment, and completed an …

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