Dominic Joyce

Dominic Joyce is an artist and designer based in Hampshire UK. He creates modern paintings and prints in the style of abstract, geometric and Op Art. WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitter  

Steve Baylis

North Vancouver artist Steve Baylis combines a range of unique influences with his own driven spiritual inquiry. In Baylis’ oil paintings, he is not representing known objects or figures, but speaking directly through the paint. He seeks to reflect energy itself, from its microform to the level of the universe. His compositions can be divided …

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María Camila Chinchilla

María Camila was born in Bogotá, Colombia. She studied Visual Arts, with an emphasis in Graphic Expression at Javeriana University. Her work has been exhibited in Bogotá and London. She’s passionate about painting, illustration, scenography and photography.Her work is very introspective, she is inspired by the emotional movement inside the body in relation to the …

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Edyta Grzyb

Edyta Grzyb (born 1984) living in Poland. The preferred motif of her work is people; Strictly speaking, she is interested in their emotions, expressing them through contrasting colors, and occasionally blurring the lines between reality and fiction. She is of the opinion that painting lives through vivid colors, stimulating aesthetic feelings and emotions in the …

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Kari Wang

Kari Wang, lives in Kolbotn, outside Oslo. She is educated at Westerdals – Oslo School of arts, Communication and Technology and has worked several years as Art Director and graphic designer.In addition, she has taken various painting courses at Nydalen School of Art and Nordstrand School of Art. Since 2010 she has been a full-time …

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Wendell Mc Shine

Stitching together illusive dreams, memories, and observations into a visual code of enigmatic imagery, Trinidadian born. McShine s ́ murals, installations, drawings, animations, and canvases disclose multilevel narratives that haunt the mind and provoke intimacy into self.His animations have been awarded and screened in several international film festivals such as Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival …

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David Puck

David Puck is a traditional portrait artist, primarily in spray paint and acrylic. His work depicts queer and fringe individuals, removed from the societal context with identity reflected through bold color and mark-making. Raises questions of individuality, normative culture, and identity in the contemporary context.       Website Instagram