Books and Buckling Brick Walls by Jorge Méndez Blake

Mexican mixed-media artist Jorge Méndez Blake organizes his projects into conceptual chapters that immediately suggests his artistic affinity with literature. He translates texts into plastic art, physically rendering the thematic intricacies and dazzling plotlines of canonical literature in ways that provoke and inspire. Méndez Blake’s 2007 work The Castle is inspired by Franz Kafka’s novel …

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Greatest names in street art

In the last few decades, street art has been propelled into the mainstream cultural consciousness. Prior to this, it had a long and contentious history. Street art or vandalism (depending who you ask) has been around for 1000’s of years. It has often straddled the line between expression and destruction. In ancient Rome, people would …

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Suspended Ocean Scenes of Miguel Rothschild

Berlin-based Argentine artist Miguel Rothschild has produced a pair of installations that freeze the undulating waves of the ocean in intricate exactitude. Elegy , on view at Kuckei + Kuckei in Berlin, draws its name from a poem by Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges that memorializes “the irreparable river of the years

Portraits of the near future?

Imagine the decadence of the powerful social media that are part of the daily life of a large part of the world population. Even though it seems difficult, the Romania based artist Andrei Lucatusu managed to give life to this possibility. Through rich 3D rendering, the artist designed a “post-social media” era, where the current …

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